pictures of the Ka3aba, كعبه

Kaaba ? years ago

Kaaba in 1297 Hijra (1880 AD)

The Flood, Ka`ba 1941 AD

mecca-kaaba_1941_delugeKaaba 1371 Hijra

Kaaba today

satellite pic

To see more of the Ka`aba, at dusk, Muqaame Ibrahim, Hajre Aswad and place for Sayee, click on the link below:


7 Responses to “pictures of the Ka3aba, كعبه”

  1. Ali RezaHoseini Says:

    very good

  2. Adel Says:

    شكرا لك ..

  3. rido Says:

    nice pics.. how about inside ka’bah?

  4. rido Says:

    nice pice.. how about inside ka’bah?

  5. shams Says:


  6. saajid Says:

    nice pictures i would like to go mecca

  7. يلمان Says:

    جزاكم اله خيرا

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