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To see and copy the real web address of a link, right-click on the link, select “copy shortcut”, and copy-paste into a text file.Ramadan, Eid-ul Fitr, and Hajj

Ramadan 1424
Ramadan 1425
Eid 1423
Eid 1424
Eid 1425
Hajj 2002 index
Hajj step by step
Hajj 2003 index
Hajj 2004 index
jannah’s Umrah diarySat. Nov 13, 2004
1.) aqeedah
ibne Taimiyya’s work: aqeedah-e-wastiyyah, on
ibne Taimiyya’s work: aqeedah-e-wastiyyah, on MSA

by: Abu Ubaid Al-Qaasim Bin Sallaam
tahqeeq: Muhammad Naasir ud-Deen al-Albaanee
translation by: Abu Rumaysah
The Book of Eemaan
by: Abu Ubaid Al-Qaasim Bin Sallaam
tahqeeq: Muhammad Naasir ud-Deen al-Albaanee
translation by: Abu Rumaysah

by: Hasan al Banna
2.) Hadith:
by Imam Nawawi

Imaam Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeth
commentary by: Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi
Associate Professor, Department of General Studies
International Islamic University, Malaysia
also a shorter commentary:
40 Hadeeth

Hadith-e Qudsi 3.) Seerah:
The Sealed Nectar
by Abdur Rehman Mubarakpuri
fiqh alsirrah by Sheikh alBouti – link: ???
fiqh alSirrah by Sheikh Mohammad alGhazzali – link: ???
4.) fiqh: “Fiqh alsunna” by Sayyed Saabiq:

5.) Remembrance and prayer: Remembrance and prayer-sheikh mohamed alghazali web link ???
6.) companions:

7.) tafseer: tafseer-ibne-katheer******* additional sites:
Q & A
The signs of the final hour
online books from witness-pioneer: added The Reign of Islaamic Da’wah Manhaj (Methodology)Welcome to SalafiTalk.Net
SalafiPublications.Com The Salafi, Creed, Worship and Methodology Salaf us-Salih
WORSHIP Jihaad Suicide bombings
AHYA.ORG Your Source to Islamic Resources on the Internet.
global security – Islam
Islamica Community Forums Various aspects in light of Qur’an and Sunnah
Muttaqun Top 33 Islamic Sites – Muslims Internet Directory; Search Engine for Top Islamic sites ALLAH’s namesQuran sites: online
emuslim – Message of Islam
Free Quran Software to download
Quran Audio, Recitation, Tilawat, Qiraah, Tajweed, Qaris Authentic Islamic Literature – user-friendly multimedia Qur’an engine
Holy Quran
Understand and Learn the Quran – Easy Way

Quran & Science science science
MSN Search islam — More Useful Everyday
quran recitation search
Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993Islamic articles:
fatwa application
Lessons and Moralities of Fasting articles.htmForums:
Muhammed alShareef:
Islamica Community ForumsMuslim issues:
The Ummah:
Arabic Newspapers and MagazinesDr Glen Rangwala’s writings on the ME sites
adhan audio
Alphabetized and Categorized List of 1000+ Islamic and Muslim WWW Links on the Internet
Companions of The Prophet
Discover Islam 13 What Are The Five Pillars Of Islam SALAH
dmsalafi – Kitabut Tawheed
emuslim – Message of Islam
fitnae inkaare Hadith
Identification of the Prophesized Imam Mahdi
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran
Islamic Links
IslamicAwakening.Com info about Islam and Muslim Masjids, Calendar, Prayer times. Examine The Truth
Khurram Murad
questions Stories of the Companions
The Signs of the Last Day forum – 4 madhabs) links on ISLAM
Union des Organisations Islamiques de France Une dynamique en action.
Left hand side is the English link. Good for prayers and Quran recitation in Arabic and English together

Imaam an-Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeth w w w . i s l a a m . n e t Tafsir Ibn KathirModernist Approach to Hadith Studies

9-11 investigation Back to Allah II (Halqa of IoL)
HTML codes
Islam Online
Islam Online – Discussion Forum
IslamOnline – Islam, Muslims and Violence
My+Change+PlanPalestinian suffering
rape laws
torture in abu gharib – the bigger picture
war crimes of Israel

Islamic books and articles
Beliefs, Ways, and Manners of a True Muslim
downloadable books from Sunnah
Free PDF Books, tapes, programs and more ! free Islamic PDF books Islam Guide A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran
SULTAN ISLAMIC LINKS, Discover Islam, Muslim people, Holy Quran and Islamic Religion
ZAWAJ.COM’s Hajj Information Centerarabic
[Naseej Arabic Keboard – ]
Arabic2000.Com – The Arabic Alphabet
Arabic-English Flashcards
learn arabic links
Teach me arabic pronunciation learn arabic forum – Proper Manner Of Learning Arabic forum – Verbs and Conjugations forum – Websites for learning Arabic

Hadeer “Arabic Teaching” projecton-line books
Free PDF Books, tapes, programs and more ! free Islamic PDF books
History of the Future Islam website; Resources for the Study of Islam Index
The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976duas

Fortification of the Muslim through remembrance from the Quraan and Sunnah -Hasnul Muslim forum – Twenty Duasjannah
EeMaN BoOsTErs
Madinat Al-Muslimeen – My Travels
Some Cool Photos from Around the World

Tajweed & Recitation
IslamWay Radio Qur’an TajweedNewsGuide
Guardian Unlimited newsguide North America

EgyptPictures forum – Pictures thread

architecture and archaeology
World History – by History Link 101of interest
Democratic Underground Forums – Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, and 49 other things you may not know
cia factbook

Islamic Photo Gallery – Welcome !
Webshots Community – beboonly’s Photo Home PageIraq
depleted uranium Pictures in Baghdad

Islam in the world
Islam in the world
Best Blogs on the Web – Weblog Index
Blogger Dashboard
Blogger Knowledge
Day in the Life of Muslim Kidz
Day in the Life of Muslim Kidz QUR’AAN QUIZ
Randolph Bourne – The War and the Intellectuals

Free Tutorials The Web’s freebies search engine. We offer free stuff, freeware, samples, graphics, Webmaster freebies
Reviews and free downloads at is the best place to find freebies, freeware, free stuff, samples, downloads, email, games, free software, font
World Wide Web ConsortiumAblution and Prayers
Here is how to preform the prayers (with pictures and transliterated text):
Ablution and prayers flash file
ablution and rayersfor ablution and salah, flash files downloads for ablution and salah dlash downloads scholars’ websites


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    Mashallah Good keep it up your site is very good source to find different thing about Quran i have seen an other site where people can learn quran online its

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