tazkiyah, let us gain it this Ramadan

assalamu aleikum

so Ramadan is almost here.

There is still uncertainty whether all of us will be able to get it. The next moment is uncertain. I pray that we all are able to take advatage and obtain freedom from Hell, and entry into Jannatul Firdaws.

What is Ramadan for?

So that we become mutaqqun. It is that we should try to become.

try to avoid sins; at least try to do the following:

lower the gaze

stop gheebat

stop lies

make sure you eat and drink only halal

speak not just halal, but try to limit non-Quranic conversations, even if halal, to the barest minimum

and stop not just speaking, but also watching and listening to haram

no songs, no stories, no watching sports,

only the Quran, the translation of its meanings, and its tafseer

do not walk knowingly towards haram

do not touch what is haram

it will be difficult, but try to make do without TV during this month

keep your thoughts pure, and towards Allah only

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