duas (supplications) in Ramadan

Ramadan is for becoming Muttaqi, obtaining forgiveness of Allah, release from Hell, and gaining entry to Jannatul Firdaws

1. For the first ten days (and nights) ask Allah for forgiveness with the following dua:

اللهم اغفر وارحم و انت ارحم الراحمين

Allahummagfir warham wa anta arhamur rahimeen

O our Allah! Forgive me, and have Mercy on me, and You are Most Merciful One.

2. For the next ten days [and nights 🙂 ] ask Allah to forgive one and accept repentance.

استغفرالله ربي من كل ذنب اذنبته واتوب اليه

astaghfirullaha Rabbi min kulli dhanbinw adhnabtahu wa atoobu ileh

O my Allah! Forgive my sins and accept my repentance.

3. For the next ten days [and nights 🙂 ] ask Allah to save one from fire (hell).

اللهم اجرني من النار

Allahumma ajirni minanaar

O our Allah! Save me from Fire (Hell)

4. For the Lailatul Qadr, (most likely in odd numbered Ramadan nights: (21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 29th of Ramadan, recite this dua:

اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو فاعف عني

allahumma innaka a`fuwwun tuhibbul a`fwa fa`afu a`nnee

O our Allah! Surely You overlook (our) trespasses, and You like those who overlook (other’s trespasses), so do overlook mine.

5. And as a corollary of number 2 above, I have added this one:

اللهم اني اسءلك جنة الفردوس

Allahumma inni asalukal Jannatul Firdaws

O our Allah! I ask You for Jannatul Firdaws.


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