Glory be! the Christian concept of God

please feel free to suggest corrections. I wrote this piece after my previous sole post was removed, and I was banned, as have been several others. The sole post that I wrote was asking why someone has been banned from the site.

this topic on

is Allah of the Quran the God of the Bible

What do we have
for God
in Christianity?
I will try
to summarise
what I understand

One God
but wait a minute
there are three Godheads
they are different,
yet they are One
they are separate
yet inseparable

don’t call it stupid
call it incomprehensible
for Faith is amazing

One is the Father
don’t call Him God yet
for He is one of three persons
Other is the Son
begotten of the Father
yet equal to Him
and both from Eternity
also eternal is the third
the Holy Ghost
together they make One
as also separately

now you can call Him God
without forgetting that
the Son is also God
the Holy Ghost is also God
yet they aren’t three Gods

no matter
call it

the Father sent His Son
100 percent man
and hundred % God
wait another minute
how can that be?
hundred percent of both

don’t ask
call it Faith
it is lovely
isn’t it?
Faith will always
rescue you

so the Father sent His Son
His only begotten Son
what does begotten imply?
sexual intercourse
but we can’t have that
this begetting did not
involve sex at all

never mind
forget the meaning
of begotten
He begot
having sex

just take it on Faith
that rescuer of all things

God is free of sexuality
at least that is common
to Islam
and Christianity

so the Father sent His Son
for what, you ask
as a prophet?
to set mankind on the straight path?
once again?
like the prophets before him?

no, silly
not as a prophet
for then it would become
almost al-Islam
the religion and the way
prescribed by God
it would become the religion
of Abraham
it wouldn’t allow worship
of man
while the whole idea is
to twist the mind of mankind
so that we can worship man
as equal to God
that is why
God has no Son

and the Son is Crucified
on the Cross he exclaimed
“why has’t Thou forsaken me?”
he himself is God
if he is, why does he pray
to God
he is
inseparable from God
he is
equal to the Father
yet he prays to the Father

makes sense?
doesn’t matter
take it on Faith
Faith is all you need

the Son died on the Cross
Good News
for you and me
if only
we accept
that his sacrifice was
atonement for our sins
if only
we would accept
that God isn’t Just
that He sacrificed
His Son
His only begotten Son
for us
(never mind the contradictions)
then we could
live a life of abandon
fornication, rape
exploitation, colonisation
murder, plunder, torture

now you understand where
colonialism comes from?
why are wars fought?
why are cities bombed?
why are babies killed?
and maimed?
why is there a Guantanamao?
and an Abu Gharaib?
and a Bagram?
and others?
why depleted Uranium shells
are rained on the land
of the weak?

for no matter what you do
if you accept
Jesus as the Son
his crucifixtion as atonement
for your sins
then Glory be
you are saved

don’t call it
a fib
a story
a wishful thought

call it Faith

Glory be!


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