The name of God:

The word “Allah” does exist in the original Bible

Refuting the moon-god lie against Islam

Another refutation of the moon-god lie

The Qur’an:

Regarding there being a “different Qur’an” in Yemen

Regarding the foreign vocabulary in the Qur’an

Examining the Qur’an

Prophecies made by Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad and the sources of the Qur’an:

Lookin at the influence of Judeo-Christian Societies at the time of the Prophet

Proofs of Muhammad’s prophethood

Muhammad’s Prophethood: An analytical view

Refutation of the Borrowing Theories of the Qur’an

Did Prophet Muhammad really recognize the Bible as an error-free book?

The Language of “Jesus”:

“Jesus” spoke aramaic

What language did “Jesus” speak?

Alberto Rivera and Jack Chick:

Jack Chick’s Lies: The Real Alberto Rivera

Alberto Rivera’s false anti-Catholic story

The religious hoax of the century: The true story of Alberto Rivera uncovered

Catholic answers to Alberto Rivera

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