Quran: revealed? inspired? written?

The Quran: revealed? inspired? written?

was the Quran written? Re: The Quran: revealed? inspired? written? Name: Kansaa 17/3/2006(14:0) GMT Reply

There are some fabulous articles on this subject one of my favourites is this it is found in http://www.jannah.org and it is found here:

muhammad.net site

another interesting article is this one found in

who wrote

if anyone has other articles about proof that the Quran is the divine word of Allah please post it here!

Jazakum Allah Khairan
wa salam alaykum

a really cool article by Gary Miller ; its the sort of thing you can read and reread. Dr Miller’s complete book is online here on the witness-pioneer site:

The Amazing Quran

The Modern religion site has this:

who wrote the Quran

This is a wonderful on-line complete book on Uloomul Quran by Ahmad von Denffer:

Uloomul Quran

The introductions to translations of the meanings are quite insightful as well:

Introduction to the Study of the Quran – Syed Maududi in preface to his tafsir “Tafhimul Quran”

Quran: Chapter Introductions – Syed Maududi in his tafsir “Tafhimul Quran”

Way to the Quran – Khurram Murad

muhajabah site:
The Quran Page

The scientific Evidence of the Qur’an 1 Re: The Quran: revealed? inspired? written? Name: Abdullah_Al_Hashimi 17/3/2006(18:5) GMT Reply

The Creator has revealed in the Qur’an facts about the creation, wich could NOT have been known 1400 years ago when the Qur’an was revealed!


1- Big Bang

“Do not the Unbelievers see
That the heavens and the earth
Were joined together (as one
Unit of creation), before
We clove them asunder?”

(Qur’an, 21:30)

2- The expanding universe:

“With the power and skill
Did We construct
The Heaven:
And indeed, We
Are (its) expander”


3- Description of the sequence of embryonic stages:

“And We placed him (i.e. man) as a sperm-drop
In a firm lodging (i.e. the womb)
Then We made the sperm-drop
Into a clinging clot, and We made
The clot into a lump (of flesh),
And We made (from) the lump, bones,
And We clothed the bones with flesh;
Then We developed him into
Another creation. So blessed is
God, the Best of creators.”


In the preface of the book “The developing human“, by Dr. Keith Moore, of Canada, it is mentioned that the description of the Qur’an of the embryonic stages is astonishingly accurate!

4- The sun will eventually consume itself totally:

“And the sun
Runs its course
For a period determined
For it; that is
The decree of (Him)
The Exalted in Might,
The All-Knowing”

(Qur’an 36:38)

The same message is also found in 13:2, 35:13, 39:5 and 39:21.

5- The Orbiting and revolving of the sun:

“It is He Who created
The night and the day,
And the sun and the moon:
All (the celestial bodies)
Swimming, each in its
Rounded course”

(Qur’an, 21:33)


“It is not permitted
To the Sun to catch up
The moon, nor can
The night outstrip the day:
Each (just) swims along
In (its own) orbit
(According to Law)”

(Qur’an 36:40)

6- Mountains have underground roots, which make them look like a peg (or stake):

“Have We not made
The earth a resting place?
And the mountains as stakes?”



“And the mountains
He firmly fixed”


The Scientific Evidence of the Qur’an 2 Re: The scientific Evidence of the Qur’an 1 Name: Abdullah_Al_Hashimi 17/3/2006(18:6) GMT Reply

7- Barrier between river and sea water after they mix at the end of the river:

“And it is He who has released
(Simultaneously) the two bodies
Of water, one fresh and palatable
And one salty and bitter, and
He placed between them a barrier
And prohibiting partition.”


8- Darkness in the depths of oceans, which would be fatal to reach without pressure adjusting equipment + the fact that there are deep waves going in different direction from the surface waves:

“Or (the Unbelievers’ state)
Is like the depths of darkness
In a vast deep sea which
Is covered by waves, upon which
Are waves, over which are clouds:
Depths of darkness, one
Above another. When one puts
Out his hand (therein), he
Can hardly see it.
And he for whom God has not
Granted light – for him there
Is no light.”


9- Every living thing is made of water (the basic substance of a living cell is made up of 80% water):

And We made from water
Every living thing



“And God has created
Every animal from water”


10- Fruits have male and female organs:

“And fruit
Of every kind He made
Two mates”



“Exalted is He who created all
Pairs all things that the earth
Grows, as well as
Their own (human) kind
And (other) things of which
They have no knowledge”


11- Production of milk:

“And verily in cattle there is
A lesson for you.
We give you to drink
Of what is inside their bodies,
Coming from a conjunction
Between the contents of the
Intestine and the blood,
A milk pure and pleasant for
Those who drink it”


12- Pain receptors present in skin:

“Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our
verses, We will caste them into a
Fire. Every time their skins are
Roasted through, We will replace
Them with other skins so they may
Taste the punishment. Indeed, God
Is ever Exalted in Might and Wise”


You know that with a third degree burn, pain is not felt anymore!

When Prof. Tagatat Tejasen, Chairman of the Department of Anatomy at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, read this verse, he could not believe that the Qur’an mentioned this scientific fact 1400 years ago!

And as a sincere and objective scientist, he declared his acceptance of the Qur’an as the book sent by the Creator of man and he entered Islam.

Salam (=Peace)


4 Responses to “Quran: revealed? inspired? written?”

  1. A Yunus Says:

    assalaamu alaikum the links are not working

  2. Zehra Al-Timimi Says:

    Salamun Alaikum

    I am very glad that Islam is spreading incredibly fast. May God bless who opened this site, for he is spreading the word of peace, love, and submission.


  3. a sane voice Says:

    Assalamu alaykum


    Bro Yunus, you are right. some links – like the Gary Miller and the Von Deffner articles do not work. The ones for Syed Maududi and others do work, however. When I have time, I will try to find the articles again, insha`Allah. In the meantime, you could perhaps visit my other, more maintained, blog above.

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