The Prophet’s reformation of Society

The Qura’n and the last Prophet (saw) are very specific about the nature of relationship among the human beings. The Holy Prophet paraphrased several verses in Qura’n in his last sermon to describe this relationship in his last sermon, which is considered the first ever charter of human rights in the history of mankind.

Here is how he proclaimed the emancipation of human beings:

Equality of Human Beings

O’ Ye people! Allah says, O’ people We created you from one male and one female and made you into tribes and nations, so as to be known to one another. Verily in the sight of Allah, the most honoured amongst you is the one who is most God-fearing. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab, nor for the white over the black nor for the black over the white except in God-conciousness.

Further he proclaimed that his family will have only two previliges

All mankind is the progeny of Adam and Adam was fashioned out of clay. Behold; every claim of privilage whether that of blood or property, is under my heels except that of the custody of the Ka’bah and supplying of water to the pilgrims, O’ people of Quraish, don’t appear (on the Day of Judgement) with the burden of this world around your necks, whereas other people may appear (before the Lord) with the rewards of the hereafter. In that case I shall avail you naught against Allah.

On His descendents

During his life-time the Holy Prophet (pbuh) ended any special status for his family (and extended family) by explicitly forbidding his family to receive Zakat (mandatory alms) and Sadqah (charity and gift). Therefore, any Syed from his time on cannot benefit financially from other Muslims in the name of being a Syed. Thus Holy Prophet culminated any chance of creating any hierarchy among the Muslims on the basis of one’s origin or family – and he started it from his family first. But he did ask Muslims to help and take care of his family. So if a Muslim wants to help a poor Syed finacially he may do so but cannot do so thru zakat and sadaqah. God, in his ultimate benevolence, may consider it an act of kindness to ones fellow human being but helping a Syed financially does not releive one from his financial obligations towards soceity.

Sanctity of Human Life

Behold! All practice of the days of ignorance are now under my feet. The blood revenges of the days of ignorance are remitted. The first claim on blood I abolish is that of Ibn Rabiah bin Harith who was nursed in the tribe of Sa’ad and whom the Hudhayls killed. All interest and usurious dues accruing from the times of ignorance stand wiped out. And the first amount of interest that I remit is that which Abbas ibn Abd-al Muttalib had to receive. Verily it is remitted entirely.

Respect for others’ Property & Honor

O’ people! Verily your blood, your property and your honour are sacred and inviolable until you appear before your Lord, as the sacred inviolability of this day of yours, this month of yours and this very town (of yours). Verily you will soon meet your Lord and you will be held answerable for your actions.

Rights of Women

O’ people! Verily you have got certain rights over your women and your women have certain rights over you. It is your right upon them to honour their conjugal rights, and not to commit acts of impropriety, which if they do, you are authorised by Allah to separate them from your beds and chastise them, but not severely, and if they refrain, then clothe and feed them properly.

Behold! It is not permissible for a woman to give anything from the wealth of her husband to anyone but with his consent.

Treat the women kindly, since they are your helpers and not in a position to manage their affairs themselves. Fear Allah concerning women, for verily you have taken them on the security of Allah and have made their persons lawful unto you by words of Allah.

Rights of Inheritence

O’ people! Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, has ordained to every one his due share (of inheritance). Hence there is no need (of special) testament for an heir (departing from the rules laid down by the Shari’ah).

Preservation & Sacredness of Institution of Marriage

The child belongs to the marriage-bed and the violator of wedlock shall be stoned. And Reckoning of their (deeds) rests with Allah.

He who attributes his ancestry to other than his father or claims his clientship to other than his master, the curse of Allah is upon him.

Financial Obligations & Responsibility

All debts must be repaid, all borrowed property must be returned, gifts should be reciprocated and a surety must make good the loss to the assured.

Law & Justice

Beware! No one committing a crime is responsible for it but himself. Neither the child is responsible for the crime of his father, nor the father is responsible for the crime of his child.


Nothing of his brother is lawful for a Muslim except what he himself gives willingly. So do not wrong yourselves.

Brotherhood & Kindness

O’ People! Every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, and all the Muslims form one brotherhood. And your slaves; see that you feed them with such food as you eat yourselves, and clothe them with the clothes that you yourselves wear.

Abolition of Racial Superiority

Take heed not to go astray after me and strike one another’s necks. He who (amongst you) has any trust with him, he must return it to its owner.

O’ people! Listen and obey, though a mangled Abyssinian slave is appointed your Amir , provided he executes (the Ordinance of) the Book of Allah among you.

Finality of the Message & Prophethood

O’ people! No Prophet would be raised after me and no new Ummah (would be formed) after you.

Verily I have left amongst you that which will never lead you astray, the Book of Allah, which if you hold fast you shall never go astray.

And beware of transgressing the limits set in the matters of religion, for it is transgression of (the proper bounds of) religion that brought destruction to many people before you.


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    youth and society reformation in the rael word

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