an American success story!

Savanna Samson (born Natalie Oliveros on October 14, 1974 in Rochester, New York) is a xxxxxgraphic actress. Her name sometimes leads to confusion with Savannah, the adult actress who committed suicide in 1994.

adult? are other actresses children?

Samson trained as a ballerina throughout her childhood and teen years growing up in Watertown, New York, which gave her an edge when she became an exotic dancer at Scores Gentlemen’s Club in New York City in the mid 1990s. She soon started making regular appearances on Howard Stern’s radio and E! cable network shows.

hmmm, exotic dancer?
Gentlemen’s Club

Her fiance’s fantasy was to marry a porn star, so Samson made an adult movie with Rocco Siffredi in 2000 and gave the video to her husband on their wedding night.

?????? what a perfect gift (US style) to give one’s husband on the wedding night!

The movie, along with her appearances on Howard Stern, grabbed the attention of Vivid Entertainment producers. In 2002, Samson became a contract actress for Vivid (a.k.a a “Vivid Girl”).

contract actress?

She has recently become an author, contributing chapters to How To Have A XXX Sex Life (published by Regan Books).

surely would make a bestseller, US-style!

She also started a wine company in 2006, Savanna Wines. Her first vintage is called “Always Savanna Vino Rosso”. Samson has four sisters and a son who was born shortly before Samson signed her Vivid contract.

Despite her career and lifestyle, Samson says she is a devout and practicing Catholic.

some devotion and practice!

Savannah Sampson


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