to the Chief Justice of Pakistan

dear Chief Justice of Pakistan

assalamu alaykum

or rather wait! Please don’t receive this salaam just yet, as I think there is a hitch.

You see I am glad that you have ordered an FIR under blasphemy laws against Google and Yahoo! and I was going to congratulate you, starting with salam, but this hitch cropped up!

The hitch!

An FIR needs to be registered urgently against the Government of Pakistan including the President and the Prime Minister and the lesser (although still high on a pedestal) Ministers, the entire Judicial Service of Pakistan, the lawyers, the petitioners, the wasiqa nawees (petition composers), the appellants, deponents and the defendents, the police, the prosecution and the defence teams, the court reporters, the news anchors, all associated in any way with the Judicial process , its reporting or its analysis. And I am really, really sorry to inform you that this includes the Justices of the courts, particularly the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the High Courts of the Provinces.


Islam accepts only One Lord, the Creator, Sustainer and Master of all,

while those I have named above, call the Justices Lords, and have been doing so continuously even after the birth of this country.

That is shirk, plain and simple.

Please order the police to register an FIR immediately against everyone I have listed, and please have a case prepared and heard on priority basis.



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