Drought hits Pakistan

There have been no rains (except for sparing showers) for months. The winter went by without rains or snowfall . The spring was no exception. Now summer has started and this is the driest time of the year. The warning signs were all there. Civic authorities have tried to conserve water sources, but the level of the reservoirs is at an all-time low. A few days ago the Khanpur dam was reported to have only five feet of water.

Only five feet!

Wells have gone dry. The rivers and the streams are dry. There is not much water coming from melting of the leftover snow. Most of Pakistan has become parched.

This is only the beginning of May. The whole of May, June, and the first half of July will pass dry before we expect the Monsoons.

It is urgent. Drought, followed by famine, is looming large on the horizon.

Can anything be organised before it hits us fully.


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