It gets hotter and hotter

It gets hotter and hotter, and drier and drier, every day. The whole of the Northern South Asian sub-continent, (and possibly the Southern part as well), is in the grip of drought. People have begun to die of thirst and heatstroke. In India, by last week 53 people had died of heatstroke. Mild drought has been declared in six districts of Baluchistan. Thar is always the first to be without water, so the conditions there must be worse. It is very severe, and looks like worsening. It takes a lot of misery for governments to admit there is a problem.

Rains, if they come, are not expected until the middle of July (16th).

In fact I think the whole of the Asian African landmass is suffering from droughts of various degrees, and more is likely.

We need your duas for immediate rains.

Rawal Lake, the main water supply reservoir for Rawalpindi, dries up

Motorcyclist across the dried up Rawal Lake

A man walks across the dried up Rawal Lake


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