Qartaba (Cordoba)

قرطبة = Qartaba (Cordoba)

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The Qartaba (Cordoba) Jamia Mosque, turned into Cathedral


 The Minar of the Mosque

Arches at the Mosque




Wadi al-Kabeer  وادى الكبير

( Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir River_jpg.jpg)

Palace-city of Madinat al-Zahra, مدينة الزهرة  destroyed in the civil wars of Muslim Spain



3 Responses to “Qartaba (Cordoba)”

  1. Rohan Says:

    these pics are excellent but it is the weakness of muslims that we have lost the great treasure of this beautiful mosque

    • a sane voice in a mad world Says:

      yes, it is our weakness, but what sort of weakness? It is more that we chose to be divided. If we were to hold fast to the rope of Allah, and be examples of real Muslims like the early ones were, Islam would spread fast again and the majority of mankind that is today going to Hell, will be saved from that fate,

  2. hhhhhhhhhh Says:

    this was very nice mosque wo log bhoot jalel ha jino na is ko tur kar carch bay ha

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