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New Muslims: FAQs
News & Media:
News & Views:
News & Views: informationclearinghouse
News & Views: Robert Fisk
News & Views: TV: link-TV
News: ArabNews
News: TV: BBC
News: TV: ITV
News: WH briefings: Ari & I
News: WH briefings: Scottie & Me
Newspapers: columnists: Robert Fisk
Newspapers: Directory
Newspapers: English Language International
Newspapers: UK: The Guardian
Newspapers: UK: The Independent
Newspapers: UK: The Observer
Newspapers: UK: Times on Line
Newspapers: US: New York Times
Newspapers: US: The Washington Post

on-line books – free

Palestine – Jonathan Cook’s articles
Palestine – photos
Prayer Times (monthly, Islamabad)
progressive websites:

Quran & Science: links
Quran – duas
Quran: & Hadith: Ulum al Quran
Quran: for all
Quran: index
Quran: introduction to Surahs (Chapters)
Quran: introduction to the study of, Maududi
Quran: links
Quran: my personal
Quran: recitation: & tajweed (rules)
Quran: recitation: different qaris, downloadable
Quran: recitation: Tajweed rules
Quran: recitation: Transliteration
Quran: Reminder (IoL)
Quran: translation, transliteration: Islamic Network
Quran: understanding: 2 colors: phrases, words, flow: aasaan Quraan
Quran: understanding: 3 colours: indicators (alamaat), words, sentences
Quran: understanding: Browse, search, study and hear
Quran: understanding:, Abdul Kareem Parekh
Quran: understanding: same as
Quran: understanding: study blog
Quran: way to, Khurram Murad

refutations: IoL
refutations: Islam ‘s Answers To Trinitarians
refutations: Islam-is-the-only-solution
refutations: list of more sites
refutations: Polemics_&_Rebuttals
refutations: Scribal errors in the Quran?
refutations: the Kill verses
refutations: The Sanaa manuscripts
Relief: Edhi Foundation
Relief: Islamic Agencies, Muslim Aid
Relief: Islamic Agencies: Hidaya Foundation
Relief: Islamic Agencies: Islamic Relief
Relief: Islamic Agencies: Islamic Relief Worldwide
Relief: Islamic Agencies: Mercy USA
Relief: Pakistani Doctors in North America
resources: Bible compared to the Quran
resources: Islam 101

Sahaba, stories of:
Salaah: Salatun Nabi
Salah: The Prophet’s (saw) Prayer
Scholars: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
search: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopaedia, Web
search: Encarta Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas
search: Hadith: USC-MSA Compendium
search: Islamic Finder
search: Quran: USC-MSA Compendium
search: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
society: parenting: sex education
society: parenting: sex education
society: parenting: sex education
society: parenting: sex education
society: parenting: sex education

Tafseer: ibne katheer
Tafseer: Syed Qutb: in the shade of: islamworld
Tafseer: Syed Qutb: in the shade of:

Urdu on the net – fonts etc.
Urdu Pad: start typing Urdu now!!
Urdu: dictionary
Urdu: Editor
Urdu: keyboard

Views: Media Monitors Network

war on or of terror – pictorial
we need to unite :: informazione dall\’Iraq occupato – ch


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