flight 93: They’re still in that hole

stefzucconi has a very interesting post. A whole plane disappears in a 20 foot alleged impact hole, with no debris, no evidene of impact? reproduced below. You should read his other stuff too:

They’re still in that hole

One of the more intriguing little oddities from 9/11 is the paucity of obvious wreckage and the rather modest impact crater left by Flight 93 when it hit the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Photographs from the day show a smoking, 20ft wide hole in a field and a few people in day-glo safety suits standing around, scratching their nuts and not doing very much at all…


2 Responses to “flight 93: They’re still in that hole”

  1. Carla Power Says:

    Hi Timbuktu–

    I wrote the piece in the New York Times on the tradition of the female hadith scholars, and was really interested in reading your comment that you’d seen female judges in Karachi and Lahore and other Pakistani cities–some even in niqab. I’d be eager to find out where they are–it’s another story that needs writing about, since it completely shatters Western stereotypes. Would you have a good idea how I might track these women muftis down?

    Ever grateful,


  2. a sane voice in a mad world Says:

    Hi Carla

    I have sent you an email in reply. I met a hijabi lawyer in Islamabad about three (+1/2?) years ago, who was defending some students. I had a talk with the young lady, and during the visits to the courts I saw other hijabi and niqabi lawyers.

    This month I will be away to Pindi during court hours. I will, however, try to get the time to visit the chambers of the female hijabi and niqabi lawyers in Islamabad, and see if they are willing for a contact with you.

    About the female judge I read about, I will pursue my contacts in Karachi to check if I can get a link for you to follow up.

    I think Dr. Farhat Hashmi is consulted for Fatwas, so you could call her a Mufti. I have met her husband and brother-in-law, but all of them are awfully busy. Anyway, will try to obtain more info on female Muftis.

    Hope this has been of help.

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