a letter to jang group

Dear Sir

As usual, compensation has been promised to the Jang group for the recent attack by Punjab Police on its Islamabad offices, and I have no doubt that compensation will be paid to them, the Jang group being very powerful and influential. However, I am wondering about something:

This compensation will be paid out of the Government Funds, which eventually boils down to the ordinary citizen having to foot the bill.

May I request that the compensation be paid out of the personal wealth of those responsible. If their properties are insufficient, then out of the personal wealth of the President, the Prime Minister, the Law Minister, the Interior Minister, the Chief Minister Punjab, and relevant Ministers of the Punjab Government, the Federal and concerned Provincial IGs, DIGs, SSsP, SPs, SSPs.

Now that would be justice and portray a soft image of Pakistan.

Will the Jang group take this up, and insist on compensation from those responsible, and not from the already overburdened citizens?


2 Responses to “a letter to jang group”

  1. umer Says:

    pakistan zinda bad

  2. umer Says:

    Nawas shreaf aik bouth acha leader hai aisa leadrou ke is coutry ko bouth zarorat hai Kashimar ka Alashkan ma Nawas shreaf ma bouth ache lead sa jeeta aur ab unha chaia ka jis tarha karachi ka halat unho na thk kiya wasa he kashimar ka halat thk kara aur jo humara muslim bhai taklaf ma hai un ka halat thk ho jaya aur hum sb aik ho jaya Meya sab ap ko batana ho ga kashimrou na jo fasla kiya so bilkou thk hai kashmir humre jan hai

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