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Authentic Supplications of the Prophet (

April 17, 2008
Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
ASOP: Table of Contents

Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

by Waleed K.S. Al-Essa

Most of the links below correspond to more than one page within the “Authentic Supplications of the Prophet (saws)” e-book. For example, “The Virtues of Remembrance” has 5 pages in it. To get to successive pages, click on the “Next” link. There are 255 pages in all.


duas from mutmainaa2 site

March 31, 2008

Please remember to make du’a for those facing hardship around the world

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Hisn al Muslim – duas

February 13, 2008

Hisn Al Muslim
Min Athkar Al Kitaab Was Sunnah
by Sa’eed Al Qahtani

Listen To All the Supplications

You can view the list of supplications in different ways

1. Alphabetical Index
– the supplications are listed by topics
2. Themes
– the topics are classified under a few categories
– all links refer to the topics listed in the alphabetical index

3. Table of Contents
– the supplications are listed as they appeared in the book
– all links refer to the topics listed in the alphabetical index

4. Supplications Relating to Prayer Performance
– compulsory and optional du’a relating to prayer performance
– there are often more than one optional du’a in a section, it is good to learn a few as it is sunnah to vary the optional du’a used during prayer performance
– the file has audio file link for the supplications relating to prayer
the file had many graphics and might be slow to open
Please refer to the Transliteration Table for the pronounciation

Sound Files

Three options ->

– listen while reading a few du’a: open a link and click on “Listen”
– listen while reading the supplications related to Prayer
Listen while reading the pdf file for all the du’a

Alphabetical Index

Ablutions Death Burial – Graves Favor – Forgiveness Night Time – Dreams Protection
Adhan Death Closing of Eyes Food – Eating One We Insulted Qunut
Against Enemy Death Condoleances Garment Praising a Muslim Rain Weather
Anger Death Funerals Gatherings Prayer Al Istikhaarah Shirk Fear of
Animals Debt Gift Prayer Beginning Shirk Omens
Anxiety Sorrow Devil Whisperings Glorifying Allaah Prayer Bowing Sickness
Bathroom Dhikr Before Sleeping Greeting Prayer Concentration Sin
Calamity Dhikr Morning Evening Hajj Prayer Before Salaam Sneezing
Children Dhikr Morning Evening 2 Home – Leaving – Entering Prayer After Salaam Stricken by Mishap
Dajjal Difficulties Love for Allaah’s Sake Prayer – Witr Travel
Distress Doubt in Faith Marriage Prayers on the Prophet Waking Up
. Enemy Authority Mosque Prayer Prostrating When another is Tested
. Fasting News – Startled Prayer Tashahhud & After .

Hisn Muslim Themes

Death – Illness Daily Life Faith – Protection Feelings – Trials Prayer Dhikr – Sleep
Burial – Visiting Graves Animals Against Enemy Anger Ablutions Dhikr Before Sleeping
Closing Eyes of Deceased Bathroom Devil Whisperings Anxiety Sorrow Distress Adhan Dhikr Morning Evening
Condoleances Children Doubt in Faith Calamity Concentration Dhikr Morning Evening 2
Funerals Fasting Enemy Authority Dajjal Beginning of Salah Glorifying Allaah
Sickness Food Eating Greeting Debt Bowing Home – Leaving – Entering
. Garment Hajj Difficulties Prostrating Mosque
. Gatherings Love for Allaah’s Sake Favor – Forgiveness
Tashahhud & After Prayers on the Prophet
. Gift Protection News – Startled Before Salaam Night Time – Dreams
. Marriage Shirk Fear of One We Insulted After Salaam Waking Up
. Rain Weather Shirk Omens Praising a Muslim Al Istikhaarah .
. Sneezing Sin Stricken by Mishap Qunut .
. Travel . When another is Tested Witr .

Table of Contents

# of Dua Number and Title of Section Pages
. . Transliteration Table 1 and 2
1 to 4 1 When waking up 2 and 3
5 2 When wearing a garment 3
6 3 When wearing a new garment 3
7 and 8 4 Said to someone wearing a new garment 3
9 5 Before undressing 3
10 6 Before entering the toilet 3
11 7 After leaving the toilet 3
12 8 When starting ablution 3
13 to 15 9 Upon completion of the ablution 4
16 and 17 10 When leaving the home 4 and 5
18 11 Upon entering the home 5
19 12 When going to the mosque 5
20 13 Upon entering the mosque 5
21 14 Upon leaving the mosque 5
22 to 26 15 Related to the Adhan 5 and 6
27 to 32 16 At the start of the prayer after takbeer 6 to 9
33 to 37 17 While bowing in prayer 9 and 10
38 to 40 18 Upon rising from the bowing position 10
41 to 47 19 While prostrating 10 and 11
48 and 49 20 Between the two prostrations 11 and 12
50 and 51 21 When prostrating due to recitation of the Quran 12
52 22 The Tashahhud 12 and 13
53 and 54 23 Prayers upon the prophet(saw) after the tashahhud 13
55 to 65 24 Said after the last tashahhud and before salaam 13 to 15
66 to 73 25 Remembrance after salaam 15 to 18
74 26 For seeking guidance in forming a decision or choosing the proper course, etc Al Istikhaarah 18 and 19
75 to 94 27 Remembrance said in the morning and evening and part 2 19 to 25
95 to 107 28 Remembrance before sleeping 25 to 28
108 29 When turning over during the night 28
109 30 Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep 28
110 and 111 31 Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream 28
112 to 114 32 Qunoot al Witr 28 and 29
115 33 Remembrance immediately after salaam of the witr prayer 30
116 to 117 34 For anxiety and sorrow 30
118 to 121 35 For one in distress 31
122 to 124 36 Upon encountering an enemy or those of authority 31 and 32
125 to 127 37 For one afflicted with doubt in his faith 32
128 and 129 38 Settling a debt 32
130 39 For one afflicted by whisperings in prayer or recitation 32 and 33
131 40 For one whose affairs have become difficult 33
132 41 Upon committing a sin 33
133 to 135 42 For expelling the devil and his whisperings 33
136 and 137 43 When stricken with a mishap or overtaken by an affair 33 and 34
138 44 Placing children under Allaah’s protection 34
139 and 140 45 When visiting the sick 34
141 46 Excellence of visiting the sick 34
142 to 144 47 Dua of the sick who have renounced all hope of life 34 and 35
145 48 Instruction for the one nearing death 35
146 49 For one afflicted by a calamity 35
147 50 When closing the eyes of the deseased 35 and 36
148 to 151 51 For the deceased at the funeral prayer 36 and 37
152 and 153 52 For advancement of reward during the funeral prayer 37
154 53 Condoleances 37 and 38
155 54 Placing the deceased in the grave 38
156 55 After burying the deceased 38
157 56 Visiting graves 38
158 and 159 57 Prayer said during a wind storm 38
160 58 Upon hearing thunder 38 and 39
161 to 163 59 For rain 39
164 60 When it rains 39
165 61 After rainfall 39
166 62 Asking for clear skies 39
167 63 Upon sighting the crescent moon 39 and 40
168 and 169 64 Upon breaking fast 40
170 and 171 65 Before eating 40
172 and 173 66 Upon completing the meal 40 and 41
174 67 Dua of the guest for the host 41
175 68 Said to one offering a drink or to one who intended to do that 41
176 69 Said when breaking fast in someone’s home 41
177 70 Said by one fasting when presented with food and does not break his fast 41
178 71 Said upon seeing the early or premature fruit 42
179 72 Said upon sneezing 42
180 73 Said to the newlywed 42
181 74 Groom’s supplication on the wedding night or when buying an animal 42
182 75 Before sexual intercourse 43
183 76 When angry 43
184 77 Said upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation 43
185 78 Remembrance said at a sitting or gathering … etc 43
186 79 For the expiation of sins at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering … etc 43
187 For concluding all sittings 43 and 44
188 80 Returning a supplication of forgiveness 44
189 81 Said to one who does you a favor 44
190 82 Protection from the Dajjal 44
191 83 Said to one who pronounces his love for you, for Allaah’s sake 44 and 45
192 84 Said to one who has offered you some of his wealth 45
193 85 Said to the debtor when his debt is settled 45
194 86 For fear of shirk 45
195 87 Returning a supplication after having bestowed a gift or charity upon someone 45
196 88 Forbiddance of ascribing things to omens 46
197 89 Said when mounting an animal or any means of transport 46
198 90 For travel 46 and 47
199 91 Upon entering a town or village … etc 47
200 92 When entering the market 47
201 93 When the mounted animal (or means of transport) stumbles 47 and 48
202 94 Dua of the traveller for the resident 48
203 and 204 95 Dua of the resident for the traveller 48
205 96 Remembrance while ascending or descending 48
206 97 Prayer of the traveller as dawn approaches 48
207 98 Stopping or lodging somewhere 48 and 49
208 99 While returning from travel 49
209 100 What to say upon receiving pleasing or displeasing news 49
210 to 212 101 Excellence of sending prayers upon the Prophet saw 49
213 to 215 102 Excellence of spreading the islamic greeting 49 and 50
216 103 Upon hearing a rooster crow or the braying of an ass 50
217 104 Upon hearing the barking of dogs at night 50
218 105 Said to one you have insulted 50
219 106 Etiquette of praising a fellow muslim 50
220 107 Said between the Yemeni corner and the black stone ( at the Ka3abah) 50
221 108 Said when at Mount Safa and Mount Marwa 50 and 51
222 109 The Day of 3Arafah 51
223 110 At the Sacred Site ( Al Mash3ar al Haraam) 51
224 111 When Throwing each pebble at the Jamaraat 51
225 112 At the black stone 51
226 113 Made against an enemy 51 and 52
227 114 When in fear of a people 52
228 and 229 115 In times of amazement and delight 52
230 116 What to do upon receiving pleasant news 52
231 117 What to say and do when feeling some pain in the body 52
232 118 When in fear of afflicting something or someone with one’s eye 52 and 53
233 119 Etiquette of retiring for the night 53
234 120 The Talbiyah 53
235 121 When Startled 53
236 122 Said to a kaafir who sneezes 53
237 123 Returning a greeting to a kaafir 53
238 124 When insulted while fasting 53
239 125 When slaughtering or offering a sacrifice 53
240 126 Said to ward off the deception of the obstinate shaytaan 53 and 54
241 to 246 127 Seeking forgiveness and repentance 54 and 55
247 to 260 128 Excellence of remembrance and glorification of Allaah 55 to 57
261 129 How the Prophet (saw) made tasbeeH 57

Islamic Knowledge Websites
Guide to Islam . Islam Information Page . Le Musulman Francophone


In Thy Seed: a book for Jews, Christians, Muslims

November 28, 2007
'In Thy Seed': The Scriptures Revisited: Genesis of the Middle East Imbroglio
‘In Thy Seed’: The Scriptures Revisited: Genesis of the Middle East Imbroglio by Abdul Malik (Paperback – Jul 9, 2007)
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Editorial Reviews
The book is divided into six parts. Part I deals with the origins, composition and structure of the Bible, and Part II discusses some core beliefs. Part III examines some of the key Biblical texts from a new perspective, while Part IV gives essential points about Islam. Part V highlights other relevant issues, with Part VI dealing with the historical background and long relationship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The book thus covers a wide canvas, but does not lose sight of its central theme. Biblical quotes are from the King James’ Authorised Version, the oldest English text. Later translations have been avoided as they give edited texts or fresh meanings, which only complicate matters. Quotes appear in the text instead of as Footnotes or Chapter Notes. The Bibliography at the end will assist the reader in undertaking further study.”

About the Author

The author received his early education at missionary schools. He was familiar with many Christian concepts when, under Pope John-Paul II the Vatican called for a dialogue with other religions. As part of this initiative, in 1979-80 the author was invited as a lay Muslim to deliver a series of talks on Islam to some Roman Catholic nuns. This led him to look at the Bible from a Muslim perspective, and his interest grew as he learnt more about the misconceptions and historical factors that have alienated Christians from Islam. The impact of this on world events prompted further study and reflection, the results of which appeared partly as some press articles in 1998. Notes made during the study in more than a quarter of a century have now been updated and are presented in this book.

In Thy Seed looks at the Bible from a completely new angle, and also discusses some related aspects to help clarify the issues. Though the author presents his findings from the point of view of a Muslim, he does it in a spirit of conciliation and to promote understanding.

Developments following 9/11 make such a work both relevant and urgent, and it is hoped that the book will contribute to developing a better relationship among the worlds great monotheistic faiths and bring them closer. Different branches of the same tree, they count around one half of the worlds population as their adherents, and can together bring harmony and peace to a troubled world.

  • Paperback: 380 pages
  • Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (July 9, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0973368799
  • ISBN-13: 978-0973368796
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
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Islamic Movements & their Agenda

May 25, 2007
The Islamist Agenda
Posted: May 25, 2007 12:30 AM


In broad terms, all Islamist groups share a common objective-building a society where the government’s domestic and foreign policy reflect Islamic values and beliefs. Rather than “modernizing Islam,” they seek to “Islamicize modernity” by constructing a polity where Islam is not only respected by the state but is reflected in all aspects of society.

The whole series is worth a read for those who wish to understand. So an article with links is provided below:

Islamic Movements: the Present in-between ‘Future’ and ‘Past’

By IOL editorial staff

Seeing the condition of the Muslim world, it is more important than ever to focus on the future. But we can not look into the future only with a forwards gaze, leaving behind us the essence of our existence from the ‘past’. We also can not walk into the future with the backward gaze that wants to shape and retailer a ‘future’ after a particular history. Both approaches are amiss. We will have to start by what’s under our feet. We do not really live on a abyss. And even if we do we will have to start by looking under our feet, first, and decide on a destination.

It is the present explains the ‘past’–not vise versa; and, hence, it is future that will describe the ‘present’ with the best valid account. For, without an honest consideration (stripped  from self-righteousness) and self-criticism (away from outside misconceptions and misunderstanding) the future—just as the present—will be at stake.

Here is a compiled file made by IOL editorial staff on assessing Islamic movements (please note both the analogous ‘Islamic’ and ‘movement’). Denial is not a cure. And so are self-determination, counter-terrorism or (or sometimes terrorism), and victimization; they are not isolated syndromes.

Our eyes are fixed on a better condition of the Muslim world and, equally, a humanity. If we pinpoint, we are not only condemning; we want a resolution. If we criticize, we are not only asking for reformation; we care for right realization. Hence, we introduce this file on Islamic movements.

Unlike what many think, ‘movement’ is not particular to armed resistance, per se; there are many messianic, pacifist, and populists. Also not all are ‘Islamic’, per se.

Should we blame ourselves only? Should Western and American hegemony get all the blame? Are ideological flaws within them? Are they a reflection of how ‘Muslims’ want to ‘move’ towards their objectives? We are trying to answer all such questions.     

The following are other articles and live dialogues by experts on the subject at hand which are relevant to the question at hand.