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Israel continues destruction at al Aqsa Mosque

February 7, 2007

Israeli destruction at Al Aqsa Mosque
7 February 2007
Palestine News Network      
Chief Palestinian Justice Sheikh Taysir Tamimi said Wednesday afternoon that Israeli bulldozers have destroyed the historic road leading to the Moroccan Gate, one of the doors to Al Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli government is continuing a large-scale demolition project of ancient Islam in East Jerusalem’s Old City. Al Aqsa Mosque is under grave danger of destruction in the face of Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem. The Sheikh reaffirmed that Israeli claims at “maintenance” cannot possibly hold up under such rapid destruction that has been ongoing clandestinely for years.

Underneath the Mosque, Israeli excavations have rendered the foundation unstable while the notion that the Western Wall need be expanded at the expense of the Mosque is another falsehood akin to the necessity to put Jewish settlements in the area and build a synagogue. The Israeli government has long since campaigned to overtake the area using different methods.

PNN: “Nonviolent demonstration to save Al Aqsa Mosque area from Israeli destruction”

February 5th, 2007 | Posted in Press clippings, Jerusalem Region

by Maisa Abu Ghazaleh, February 4th

The cold weather and proliferation of military checkpoints in the city of Jerusalem did not prevent hundreds of citizens from reaching Al Aqsa Mosque to stand in the face of Israeli demolition plans. Sunday’s scheme included destruction at the Moroccan Gate to make a Jewish-only road. Israeli forces are adding settlements in East Jerusalem and a synagogue near the entrance to the Mosque.

This morning Israeli police, border guards and special forces were at the doors of Al Aqsa with barricades throughout the Old City stopping Palestinians and checking identification. Only men over 45 years of age and women were allowed to get near the Muslim holy site.

At the Moroccan Gate the Israeli procedures were more prohibitive with all nonviolent demonstrators carrying flags and placards being forced to change course and stand in the rain about three kilometers away at Damascus Gate. Israeli police arrested a 16 year old for attempting to enter the Mosque.

Among demonstrators were Chief Palestinian Justice Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, the head of the Islamic Waqf Sheikh Abdel A Salhab and dozens more clerics, young men and women. During the sit-in several Islamic scholars spoke directly to the threats against the Mosque and the plans to overtake the area.

Sheikh Tamimi said that the destruction at Moroccan Gate made clear the political and religious dimensions of the Israeli plans. “The Israeli government issued an order to demolish ancient buildings in the Arab and Islamic Gate of the Moroccans, exploiting this time of internal strife.”

He demanded that as many people who can make it through the barriers come daily to pray in the Mosque in order to have the maximum presence possible. He also issued an official condemnation against the Israelis today for preventing worshipers from praying.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, described current events as, “ugly crimes against Al Aqsa Mosque and Muslims.” He said that since the 1980s Israeli forces have been trying to implement the scheme at the Moroccan Gate, but that they were always prevented from doing so by world-wide religious and historical outcry. Sheikh Hussein appealed to Arab and Muslim leaders on an international scale to intervene to save the Gate and the Mosque before it is too late.

Chair of the Supreme Islamic Council, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, said that the scheme to install a bridge and expand the Western Wall is a direct affront to the city’s heritage in its entirety. He has been warning of the bid to overtake the Al Aqsa area throughout the past two years of preparation and less noticeable work.

The head of the Department of Information of the Islamic Movement, Khalid Muhanna, who at the age of 45 was prevented from entering the Mosque, said, “This is to be expected, that we will be kept out of our mosque as we have uncovered the biggest conspiracy yet in the takeover of Jerusalem.”

Muhanna warned against attempts to destroy Al Aqsa, stressing that the Islamic Movement would keep a presence in the city around the clock to stop the takeover.

He called on President Abbas and Prime Minister Haniya to close ranks and serve the Al Aqsa Mosque.