Islam: authentic sources

authentic sources

1.) aqeedah:

ibne Taymiyya’s work: aqeedah-e-wastiyyah

or “al-aqaaid” by Hasan al Banna


The Book of Eemaan By: Abu Ubaid Al-Qaasim Bin Sallaam Tahqeeq
Muhammad Naasir ud-Deen al-Albaanee Translation By Abu Rumaysah

2.) Imaam Nawawi’s 40 Hadeeth:

commentary by:
Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi
Associate Professor
Department of General Studies
International Islamic University Malaysia

also a shorter commentary:

3.) Seerah: “The Sealed Nectar”

4.) fiqh:
if he uses “Fikh Alsunna” by Sayed Sabek, the link is:

5.) Remembrance and prayer:
Remembrance and prayer-sheikh mohamed alghazali

6.) companions: #

7.) Quran & Tafseer

tafsir ibne kathir

additional sites:

Q & A

Hadith: Riad-us-Swaliheen by Imam Nawawi

Hadith-e Qudsi

The signs of the final hour


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