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Devastation and Cries (This is a documentary made by Ummah Welfare Trust about the Earthquake in Pakistan and how to donate to help)

Minarets in the Face of Destruction (This award-winning video chronicles the destruction, desecration of Ancient Mosques in Palestine, the land of the Prophets and how they are being transformed into dance bars etc.)
Planet of the Arabs (Short 9-minute film highlighting the hatred of Muslims and Arabs in the Media. This won an award I believe.)
Who Wrote the Bible? (One man travels throughout the world to solve this question and his final answer turns out to prove MAN wrote the Bible. This is getting very famous on Google Alhamdulillah!)
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (PBS documentary about the life of the Prophet Muhammad made in the wake of 9-11 and through interviews of American Muslims. Good starting point for Dawah, but needs a folllow-up explaining Islam. )
Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2004 – Brother Abdul Hakim Quick (This knowledgable brother tells us about Muslim history that we were not aware of. Very informative, especially for Afro-Muslims)
The following 3 were made by PBS and go through the birth of Islam, the golden age and the Ottoman empire. Narrated by Ben Kingsley.
Islam: Empire of Faith- part 1
Islam: Empire of Faith- part 2
Islam: Empire of Faith- part 3

Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam (VH1 Behind the Music documentary all about Cat Stevens’ life)
Christian and Jewish Converts to Islam (Hamza Yusuf video about the Zaytuna institute and interviews of converts to Islam)
Paradise Found: A Documentary on Islamic Architecture (Documentary that chronicles Islamic art. Very Beautiful and perfect for the art lover. Shows how a Masjid is like Paradise.)
Brother Zakir Naik doing his thing! Could be good for Dawah but avoid his debates as they get emotional
Quran and Modern Science – Conflict or Conciliation Part 1

Quran and Modern Science – Conflict or Conciliation Part 2
Similarities between Hinduism and Islam – Dr. Zakir Naik
Similarities between Hinduism and Islam 2 – Dr. Zakir Naik
Death and Prayer (Establish your prayer before some prays your funeral prayer on you)
God’s Artistry in Color (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Amazing Animals (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Answers from the Quran 1 (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Answers from the Quran 2 (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
The Truth about Life (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Zakir Naik Public Talk (Again excellent stuff but remember to avoid the debates he has with non-Muslims for Dawah efforts.)

Zakir Naik Public Talk 2 (Again excellent stuff but remember to avoid the debates he has with non-Muslims for Dawah efforts.)

Collapse of Atheism (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Camouflage in Nature (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Biomimetics: Technology Imitates Nature (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Solution: The Values of the Quran (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Splendour in the Seas (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Scientific Proof of the Existence of God (This brother used 2 be a Physicist and found Islam and opened an Islamic institute somewhere in Indonesia, I believe. Gets a little bit slow but he makes excellent points! Use his points for Dawah as the video could lose the interest of non-Muslims)
Islam: The Treasure Uncovered (Khalid Yasin and Islam1 productions trailer. He has some AMAZING material but I cannot upload it as Islam1 productions has told me not to…)
Islam Denounces Terrorism (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
Deep Thinking (Harun Yahya–excellent for Dawah)
The following first 4 are all Animated/3D graphics films and are quite excellent for children and youth.
Muhammad the Last Prophet: the Animated film
Who was the Prophet Ismail?
Habil and Qabil

 The Lion of Ain Jaloot
The following two I think are the same, I can’t remember why I uploaded 2 of the same but anyways there about the Earthquake in Pakistan that happened and the world Ummah Welfare Trust is doing to help.)
Tears of Blood
Tears of Blood

All 5 below were made by French television and subtitled in English. There are some inaccuracies but overall it’s not bad.
The Prophet Muhammad: 1Towards Prophecy
The Prophet Muhammad: 2The Revelation

The Prophet Muhammad: 3Medina and the Law
The Prophet Muhammad: 4Power and Mecca
The Prophet Muhammad: 5The Koran
Saladin: the Animated Series (Animated series coming out in May 2006 Insha ALLAH! Made by a Malaysian company using 3D graphics)
Ghuraba Remix (heartbreaking video about the plight of Muslims around the world)
The Miracle of Design in the Cell
The Miracle Planet 1
The Creation of the Universe
What Animals know that we don’t (Daiee Ahmed Moait talks about the Tsunami. He’s NOT a shaykh but this could be beneficial to some Arab non-Muslim brothers. I didn’t find it too great but Allah could guide someone by this. Insha ALLAH!)
Who is Afraid of Islam? (Documentary that details Islamaphobia throughout the world through interviews, made by Irish TV)

The Miracle of Seed (Harun Yahya– excellent for Dawah)
The Miracle of Man’s Creation (Harun Yahya– excellent for Dawah)
The Boy and the King (Animated film of the story of Obaid, who becomes a magician priest but meets a Muslim and embraces Islam)
The Miracle in the Ant (Harun Yahya Video–excellent for Dawah)
Frontline Soccer Palestine vs. Iraq (documentary about 2 politically unstable Muslim nations meeting each other on the soccer field)
Malcolm X (very short talk he gave at Oxford University. I have more but most of them are BEFORE he became a Sunni Muslim)
Shadow of Saffron (Must Watch about Indian genocide of Muslims)

The Message Part 1 (Amazing film about the birth of Islam. note I could not get part 2 up but I will try again)
Arab League: Death Star (Political rap done by dressed up politicians and Arabs explaining American corruption)
Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih (Animated film excellent for Children about the conquest of Istanbul)
10 minutes in Bosnia (short award-winning film about 10 minutes in Bosnia is contrasted with 10 minutes of leisure time)
Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre (I tried uploading this film but apparently it was already there–it talks about how the Americans are murdering innocent Iraqis)
Iraq: The Continuous War (German documentary with English subtitles about a news reporter embedded with an American unit in Iraq–not bad)
Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war (Robert Greenwald interviews experts and politician regarding the War in Iraq–excellent work, well-made)

The Fact of Creation
The Prophet Joseph

The Quran Leads the Way to Science
For Men of Understanding 1

World of Ice (Harun Yahya)
The Order of the Heavens (Harun Yahya)
Children of War (Shocking video about how Muslim women were raped by Serbs so they would give birth to Serbs. This video details how these mothers are going to explain to there now Muslim children about there biological fathers.)
Jeffrey Lang-Pillars of Islam-The Spiritual Dimensions (This converted Math teacher talks about the Pillars of Islam in a new different way. He’s got to be the whitest Muslim I’ve ever seen Masha Allah!)
Muhammad Musab-Struggle for the Deen (If anyone is considering Gehad or traveling to any other country, this is a video that is a MUST watch for anyone. The most amazing convert story ever)
Iraq: The Women’s Story (Brand-spanking new video about the women during this current war in Iraq)
Jerome Claire(Abu Hafsa)-How I Wrestled My Way to Islam (the first 100% blind professional wrestler tells how he converted to Islam)

Importance of the Koran (a Saudi talks bout this topic)
Shaykh Fiez Documentary (Shaykh Fiez and the brothers at GIYC in Australia tell their amazing tale of Youth involvement)

Denmark Cartoon Controversy (A Denmark shaykh is interview by Saudi TV about the reaction to the denmark cartoons)

My Childhood and the Stone (Dedicated to the famous boy who stood in front of an Israeli tank with a slingshot–do I hear David and Goliath?)
Islamophobia Awards News clip (Muslims in the UK did an Awards show about the most anti-Muslim figures today–quite entertaining)
Friday sermon – Mecca (Self-explanatory but in English as well)
Sister Aminah Assilmi – American Women and The Western Perception (Self explanatory)
Imam Siraj Wahhaj – Knowledge is Sacred (Self explanatory)
Yusuf Estes-Righteous Way (The topic will become Self explanatory upon viewing but it’s essentially a Khutbah given by the brother)
Altruism in Nature (Harun Yahya–shows the optimism in nature)

Abdullah Hakim Quick – Making Islamic Education Relevant (Self explanatory)
Who wrote the Bible? (Maybe I posted this already but this was so popular that I knew non-Muslims were viewing it so I changed it up with an Islamic slant!)
Watching over the time (YES YES THE Sheikh Abdoel-Aziez ibn Abdiellah ibn Baaz gives a lecture in person in Arabic)

Friday sermon Medina (Self explanatory but with English translation)
Miracles of the Quran (Harun Yahya–this one is Excellent for Dawah
Muslim Poet: Amir Sulaiman (Amazing brother–Jihad of the tongue is all I can say)

When the Moors Ruled in Europe (The Muslim rule over Europe was just as glorious as the Muslim rule over India)
Shadow of Saffron (Hindu extremism against Muslims is documented in this documentary. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!)
Mishary Alafasy Interview (You all know him. Now hear him talk. Sorry it’s all in Arabic)
Jesus: The Prophet of Islam (Some scholars discuss our beloved Prophet Isa Alayhi salaam)
Slave and Master-Saudi-American relationship Part 1 (Saudi is messed yo. Watch this and see.)
Slave and Master-Saudi-American relationship Part 2
Malcolm X: Prince of Islam (This is easily the BEST documentary on Malcolm I have ever come across. It makes the Denzel Washington film look silly.)
The Fruit of Dialogue 1 (Some non-Muslims and Muslims discuss Islam like some longlost cure!)
Hijjabed – MMU [One of my all-time FAVORITE videos
Turning Muslim in Texas . People reverting to Islam in Texas.
Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam (VH1 Behind the Music documentary all about Cat Stevens’ life)
Death and Prayer (Establish your prayer before some prays your funeral prayer on you)
Islam Youngest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England Turn To Islam 

Perils of Prayer
Perils of Prayer 2
The Life and Times of Some Random Masjid
$25,000 Muslim Weddings!!
Muslim while flying
Muslim Characters at Work</a
Red flags 2 watch out for when searching online for a spouse

If I wasn’t Muslim

Dear Mr. President — Katrina and Iraq
Planet of the Arabs…397827976179049
ISLAMerica– the history of Muslims in America
Free Palestine–end Israeli occupation

The World of Islam–celebrating diversity

The War in Iraq–Bush’s Crusade
Thugz in the Masjid: Part One
Thugz in the Masjid: Part Two  


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