Authentic Supplications of the Prophet (

April 17, 2008
Authentic Supplications of the Prophet
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Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

by Waleed K.S. Al-Essa

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who controls you?

April 17, 2008

The Messenger of Allah [saws] told us that a group of people would come ahead of the Dajjal and prepare the world for him [to take over].

We know now that these people are the Freemasons/Zionists. They have the exact same qualities of Dajjal. They make that which is good seem bad, and that which is bad seem good. They try to fight with Allah by trying to assume his powers by doing things like spreading or curing disease whenever they will, making or breaking peace, [attempting to] give life and death, make new creations, etc. These are the same people that engage the people in mindless media confusion to lead them away from Allah and towards their false god; the Dunya. In this day and age those who remain on guard against the barely visible signs of Kufr that the Ahlul-Dajjal have spread in this world, are regarded as strangers. These are the strangers who know who the Freemasons – Zionists are, what they are about, and how to avoid them.

We have provided a brief description of each article due to the fact that we have so many with similar names. We hope this helps you select ones of interest insha’Allah.

  • The Dajjal (Ad-Dajjal) by Dr. Bilal Phillips: To prepare for Ad-Dajjaal we must know him, know of his time, the signs preceding his appearance, what he looks like, what he is capable of, and hte steps one should take to protect himself from him. In this lecture, Dr. Bilal Philips describes with vivid clarity Ad-Dajjaal (The Anti-Christ) and exact course of the ordeal he will bring. Also included with this lecture, is a recitation of soorat ul khaf which contains the ten protective verses from Ad-dajjal, as mentioned by the prophet (saws). Each verse is recited in Arabic followed by the translation of its meaning in English.
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  • From the Shadows I: Who are Free Masons?? and what are they up to? Listen to both sides and you will definitely be !!!Shocked!!! Explore the cloaked hand that has been responsible for some of history’s most important turning points. The same hand that now controls every medium, exploiting it for their sole ambition of total global domination with a one World government. Be there when we uncover the gripping truth surrounding Masonry, past and present that is exposed in this exclusive insight never beforerevealed
  • From The Shadows II – Money: Some say money is the root of all evil: a tool used by the wicked and the greedy to manipulate and control.Others see it as the key to all life’s puzzles. But whatever you believe one thing is for sure it affects everyone of us. Halaqah Media explores the dark history of money and how it has influenced the world we live in. You will never see money the same again!

side 1 | side 2

  • From The Shadows III: CIA Covert Operations -Open your minds! Listen to this amazing research on CIA’s covert operation.”Man, independent of time, independent of place, independent of religion seems to be inherently blood thirsty with an enthusiastic restlessness for war. In the dawn of a new century, it seems our ability to change is forever escaping us; ultimately, wars will always know sequels.”


  • Bias and hate in the Media: How the Freemasons use the media to promote bias against the Arabs and Muslims. Read this as a supplement to the above audio file to understand a bit more about the Jewish-Freemason grip on Hollywood in North America
  • The Nature of Zionism: What is Zionism? And why does it give rise to such contradictory emotions, depending on whether the person is a Zionist or, because he is subjected to the effects of Zionism, knows what it is like to experience it and thus has some understanding of what it consists of? Let us try to look into these questions.
  • America regarding Iraq: Read this to find out how the Freemasons really created the Gulf War and used it as a playground to test new weapons and to ensure continuous cover-up in that area. Author Wade Frazier exposes the web of lies and cover-up that was kept from the general public.
  • Illuminati Quotes: The name Illuminati was the predecessor to the name “freemasonry”, in order to act as a cover up. In this article selected quotes from key Illuminati leaders in the past and Freemason-Zionist leaders in the present show the deviousness of these accursed people.
  • The Gulf War: See how America played its hidden dirty tricks and cowardice to win this set-up war.
  • Reality of the Secret World:  An EXCELLENT article written by Br. Isa Abdallah al-Kanadi that exposes the aims of the freemasons and why and how they used various aspects of this society to promote their Kufr ideals.
  • The Balfour Declaration: It was this simple conspiratorial declaration that set the sights of our enemies of the Bayt al-Maqdis and Masjid al-Aqsa and hence they destroyed the Ottoman Khalifate and then invaded the land of the First Qiblah.
  • Khazars: An excellent article which details and exposes the lies of the Jews and their claim to Palestine.
  • The 13th Tribe – Khazaria:  This is a dangerous book, that totally refutes the false claim of the majority of the Jews being Semitic. This book is so dangerous because of the truth contained in it that it is now banned in North America. Even the US Congress Library, which is the largest library in the world, had one copy, which is now curiously enough, labeled as “missing” and cannot be found on the shelves. Make sure you have lots of coffee and lots of time before you read this one.
  • The Protocols:  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This is a secret document which was written by the Zionists at the end of the 19th century. It later fell into the wrong hands and was summarily exposed. The Zionists, in an attempt to cover up, labelled the document as a hoax and the poor Russian publisher as a liar. However, some interesting thing to notice are: The Protocols and their aims correspond to what the Messenger (saws)prophesised about the coming of a group of people who would pave the way for Dajjal…These aims of the Protocols have begun to occur already in the world. Aims like excessive adultery, homosexuality, pursuing the desires of this world, ignorance, crime, etc. The Zionists mean to use these methods to control and corrupt society.
  • Violation of God’s Order: As Allah has said in the Quran regarding the Jews, that there still are some good people amongst them. One such group amongst the Jews is Neturei Karta which interestingly enough, does NOT support the illegal state of Israel. Shocked?!! Read on to find out for yourself.
  • Another failed attempt to destroy Islam: Read how the freemasons infiltrated Muslim governments and tried to use state-sponsored “scholars” to deviate the masses. “…and although they plan, Allah also Plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners…” [Qur’an, Surah Al Imran 3:54]
  • USA’s rulers:  The Jews in the US Government. There’s so many of them it’s like a cockroach infestation. Put them on your watch list.
  • 53 Years of Neo-Nazi Israel: Fifty three years after the Israeli Declaration of Independence, May 15, 1948, Zionists have kept up their implementation of the dispossession of the Palestinian people. From the early massacres of the indigenous population of the Palestinians in such places as Deir Yassin in 1948, where all the inhabitants of this peaceful village were wiped out by cold-blooded murderers, to the present settlements in Arab east Jerusalem, the Israeli policy has remained one and the same, how to take the land away from its original inhabitants.
  • 30 Little Known Facts About Israel: Did you know that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel? A Jew from any country in the world is guaranteed citizenship in Israel, while the Palestinians who have been there for centuries are oppressed and persecuted.
  • Israel – A Monument to Anti-Semitism: Even a cursory examination of the Zionist enterprise and statements by its practitioners provides ample prima facie proof that Zionism is, has been, and will always be, racist.
  • Judaism, Zionism, Israelism: Zionism is not synonymous to Judaism. Not all Jews are necessarily Zionists. There are the assimilationists who see themselves as an integral part of the nations among whom they live. They also consider the countries in which they live as their homeland. In fact, many Jews are anti-Zionists.
  • Palestine as a Global Agenda: ZIONISM IS BOTH alien and illegitimate in origin: it is a hegemonist and nationalist project rooted and nourished on the traditional European impulse towards expansion and domination. The founding fathers of the Zionist adventure were not in any way believers in Judaism, not even in its distorted, rabbinical form: they were in essence pragmatists who exploited the Jewish heritage as a means to achieve their nationalistic goals. All this, moreover, was done within the broader context of Western strategic hopes for the destabilizing and enfeebling of the Islamic world.
  • Zionist Barbarism in the Gulf War: Far from being a war of liberation, the Gulf War was a Zionist project, from the beginning to the end. In order to throw Iraq “back to the Stone Ages”, as Israeli Knesset-spokesman Pazner threatened just before the outbreak of fighting, the Zionists needed legitimacy for the war that required the criminalisation of Iraq. Iraq had to be set up as the menace to peace and democracy. Saddam Hussein was “the new Hitler”, and Iraq’s annexation of Kuwait “the beginning of an Iraqi blitzkrieg”.
  • Terrorism the Core of Zionism: The use of terrorism by the Zionists, is not a reactionary policy, nor is it used casually, rather it is an integral element of the Zionist State. Furthermore the State sees it as being essential to develop and preserve this element of terrorism. The strong relationship between Zionism and terrorism could be linked to the imperialist nature of both the ideological and political parties, which supported the Zionist movement.
  • How the World has Been Intelligently Controlled: August the 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussains forces crashed the defences of oil rich Kuwait in fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia. The United States and her coalition allies poured into the Arabian Peninsula to form a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks, negotiations and count negotiations that rapidly declined into a no hope situation. On August the 17th 1991 the Desert Shield became Desert Storm.
  • The Jews are not a Race: Today, to trace anyone’s descent to ancient Palestine would be a genealogical impossibility; and to presume, axiomatically, such a descent for Jews, alone among all human groups, is an assumption of purely fictional significance. Most everybody in the Western world could stake out some claim of Palestinian descent if genealogical records could be established for two-thousand years.
  • The Truth About the Talmud: The Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals, and specifically dehumanises gentiles as not being descendants of Adam. We will now list some of the Talmud passages which relate to this topic.
  • A Jewish Defector Warns America: HERE IN THE UNITED STATES, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons, too many and too complex to go into here at this time, the Zionists and their co- religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country. Now you may say that is a very broad statement, but let me show you what happened while we were all asleep. What happened? World War I broke out in the summer of 1914.
  • Zionism is Racism – Get it Right!: As the US-UN proposals deadlock nears the deadline for the upcoming UN Conference on Racism, Intolerance and Related Xenophobia, the US media continues to be over-saturated with justifications for Washington’s stubborn attitude. But the truth is, while the US still refuses to apologize for centuries of racism and slavery in its own history, Washington is also condoning the racism of its staunchest ally, Israel. Upon Israelis request, the United States refuses to agree to wording that equates Zionism to racism.
  • Free Mason Invasion: You would have heard much about  DAJJAL-THE ANTICHRIST  from the christian and jewish authorities. But what did the Prophet (saws) said about Dajjal, (the greatest fitnah, evil, test) that will ever befall on mankind. When Shall Dajjal appear? most of the signs prevalent before the coming of Dajjal can now be observed. One thing though is for certain ,if you’re fortunate enough not to witness the Anti-Christ, then your children certainly shall. before the Anti-Christ shall appear, we have been told there shall be a SYSTEM, a Dajjal-system, that is up and running, that awaits his arrival. this dajjal-system, will be the most evil and most corrupt satanic, kaffir force in history.
  • Signs of the Appearance and the Destruction of the Dajjal: Other signs to the imminent coming of the Dajjal. Mu’ath narrated that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, said, “The flourishing of Jerusalem will mark the desertion of Yathrib (Madinah). The desertion of Yathrib will mark the start of Al-Malhamah [the great war that will start between ar-Rum and the Muslim forces before Muslims conquer Constantinople for the second time]. The start of Al-Malhamah will mark the conquering of Constantinople. The conquering of Constantionple will mark the appearance of Dajjal.” [Sahih Al-Jami`as-Saghir, no. 4096]
  • Who is the Evil Dajjal (the anti-Christ):  Ubadah bin Saamit radhiyallahu anhu once said, “I have explained Dajjal to you but I fear that you might not have understood. Maseeh Dajjal will be short, and his legs will be crooked. The hair on his head will be extremely twisted. He will have one eye (with which he can see, and this is the protruding eye about which other ahadeeth inform us) while his other eye will be totally flat. It will neither be deep (in its socket) nor protruding.

duas from mutmainaa2 site

March 31, 2008

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Hisn al Muslim – duas

February 13, 2008

Hisn Al Muslim
Min Athkar Al Kitaab Was Sunnah
by Sa’eed Al Qahtani

Listen To All the Supplications

You can view the list of supplications in different ways

1. Alphabetical Index
– the supplications are listed by topics
2. Themes
– the topics are classified under a few categories
– all links refer to the topics listed in the alphabetical index

3. Table of Contents
– the supplications are listed as they appeared in the book
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4. Supplications Relating to Prayer Performance
– compulsory and optional du’a relating to prayer performance
– there are often more than one optional du’a in a section, it is good to learn a few as it is sunnah to vary the optional du’a used during prayer performance
– the file has audio file link for the supplications relating to prayer
the file had many graphics and might be slow to open
Please refer to the Transliteration Table for the pronounciation

Sound Files

Three options ->

– listen while reading a few du’a: open a link and click on “Listen”
– listen while reading the supplications related to Prayer
Listen while reading the pdf file for all the du’a

Alphabetical Index

Ablutions Death Burial – Graves Favor – Forgiveness Night Time – Dreams Protection
Adhan Death Closing of Eyes Food – Eating One We Insulted Qunut
Against Enemy Death Condoleances Garment Praising a Muslim Rain Weather
Anger Death Funerals Gatherings Prayer Al Istikhaarah Shirk Fear of
Animals Debt Gift Prayer Beginning Shirk Omens
Anxiety Sorrow Devil Whisperings Glorifying Allaah Prayer Bowing Sickness
Bathroom Dhikr Before Sleeping Greeting Prayer Concentration Sin
Calamity Dhikr Morning Evening Hajj Prayer Before Salaam Sneezing
Children Dhikr Morning Evening 2 Home – Leaving – Entering Prayer After Salaam Stricken by Mishap
Dajjal Difficulties Love for Allaah’s Sake Prayer – Witr Travel
Distress Doubt in Faith Marriage Prayers on the Prophet Waking Up
. Enemy Authority Mosque Prayer Prostrating When another is Tested
. Fasting News – Startled Prayer Tashahhud & After .

Hisn Muslim Themes

Death – Illness Daily Life Faith – Protection Feelings – Trials Prayer Dhikr – Sleep
Burial – Visiting Graves Animals Against Enemy Anger Ablutions Dhikr Before Sleeping
Closing Eyes of Deceased Bathroom Devil Whisperings Anxiety Sorrow Distress Adhan Dhikr Morning Evening
Condoleances Children Doubt in Faith Calamity Concentration Dhikr Morning Evening 2
Funerals Fasting Enemy Authority Dajjal Beginning of Salah Glorifying Allaah
Sickness Food Eating Greeting Debt Bowing Home – Leaving – Entering
. Garment Hajj Difficulties Prostrating Mosque
. Gatherings Love for Allaah’s Sake Favor – Forgiveness
Tashahhud & After Prayers on the Prophet
. Gift Protection News – Startled Before Salaam Night Time – Dreams
. Marriage Shirk Fear of One We Insulted After Salaam Waking Up
. Rain Weather Shirk Omens Praising a Muslim Al Istikhaarah .
. Sneezing Sin Stricken by Mishap Qunut .
. Travel . When another is Tested Witr .

Table of Contents

# of Dua Number and Title of Section Pages
. . Transliteration Table 1 and 2
1 to 4 1 When waking up 2 and 3
5 2 When wearing a garment 3
6 3 When wearing a new garment 3
7 and 8 4 Said to someone wearing a new garment 3
9 5 Before undressing 3
10 6 Before entering the toilet 3
11 7 After leaving the toilet 3
12 8 When starting ablution 3
13 to 15 9 Upon completion of the ablution 4
16 and 17 10 When leaving the home 4 and 5
18 11 Upon entering the home 5
19 12 When going to the mosque 5
20 13 Upon entering the mosque 5
21 14 Upon leaving the mosque 5
22 to 26 15 Related to the Adhan 5 and 6
27 to 32 16 At the start of the prayer after takbeer 6 to 9
33 to 37 17 While bowing in prayer 9 and 10
38 to 40 18 Upon rising from the bowing position 10
41 to 47 19 While prostrating 10 and 11
48 and 49 20 Between the two prostrations 11 and 12
50 and 51 21 When prostrating due to recitation of the Quran 12
52 22 The Tashahhud 12 and 13
53 and 54 23 Prayers upon the prophet(saw) after the tashahhud 13
55 to 65 24 Said after the last tashahhud and before salaam 13 to 15
66 to 73 25 Remembrance after salaam 15 to 18
74 26 For seeking guidance in forming a decision or choosing the proper course, etc Al Istikhaarah 18 and 19
75 to 94 27 Remembrance said in the morning and evening and part 2 19 to 25
95 to 107 28 Remembrance before sleeping 25 to 28
108 29 When turning over during the night 28
109 30 Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep 28
110 and 111 31 Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream 28
112 to 114 32 Qunoot al Witr 28 and 29
115 33 Remembrance immediately after salaam of the witr prayer 30
116 to 117 34 For anxiety and sorrow 30
118 to 121 35 For one in distress 31
122 to 124 36 Upon encountering an enemy or those of authority 31 and 32
125 to 127 37 For one afflicted with doubt in his faith 32
128 and 129 38 Settling a debt 32
130 39 For one afflicted by whisperings in prayer or recitation 32 and 33
131 40 For one whose affairs have become difficult 33
132 41 Upon committing a sin 33
133 to 135 42 For expelling the devil and his whisperings 33
136 and 137 43 When stricken with a mishap or overtaken by an affair 33 and 34
138 44 Placing children under Allaah’s protection 34
139 and 140 45 When visiting the sick 34
141 46 Excellence of visiting the sick 34
142 to 144 47 Dua of the sick who have renounced all hope of life 34 and 35
145 48 Instruction for the one nearing death 35
146 49 For one afflicted by a calamity 35
147 50 When closing the eyes of the deseased 35 and 36
148 to 151 51 For the deceased at the funeral prayer 36 and 37
152 and 153 52 For advancement of reward during the funeral prayer 37
154 53 Condoleances 37 and 38
155 54 Placing the deceased in the grave 38
156 55 After burying the deceased 38
157 56 Visiting graves 38
158 and 159 57 Prayer said during a wind storm 38
160 58 Upon hearing thunder 38 and 39
161 to 163 59 For rain 39
164 60 When it rains 39
165 61 After rainfall 39
166 62 Asking for clear skies 39
167 63 Upon sighting the crescent moon 39 and 40
168 and 169 64 Upon breaking fast 40
170 and 171 65 Before eating 40
172 and 173 66 Upon completing the meal 40 and 41
174 67 Dua of the guest for the host 41
175 68 Said to one offering a drink or to one who intended to do that 41
176 69 Said when breaking fast in someone’s home 41
177 70 Said by one fasting when presented with food and does not break his fast 41
178 71 Said upon seeing the early or premature fruit 42
179 72 Said upon sneezing 42
180 73 Said to the newlywed 42
181 74 Groom’s supplication on the wedding night or when buying an animal 42
182 75 Before sexual intercourse 43
183 76 When angry 43
184 77 Said upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation 43
185 78 Remembrance said at a sitting or gathering … etc 43
186 79 For the expiation of sins at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering … etc 43
187 For concluding all sittings 43 and 44
188 80 Returning a supplication of forgiveness 44
189 81 Said to one who does you a favor 44
190 82 Protection from the Dajjal 44
191 83 Said to one who pronounces his love for you, for Allaah’s sake 44 and 45
192 84 Said to one who has offered you some of his wealth 45
193 85 Said to the debtor when his debt is settled 45
194 86 For fear of shirk 45
195 87 Returning a supplication after having bestowed a gift or charity upon someone 45
196 88 Forbiddance of ascribing things to omens 46
197 89 Said when mounting an animal or any means of transport 46
198 90 For travel 46 and 47
199 91 Upon entering a town or village … etc 47
200 92 When entering the market 47
201 93 When the mounted animal (or means of transport) stumbles 47 and 48
202 94 Dua of the traveller for the resident 48
203 and 204 95 Dua of the resident for the traveller 48
205 96 Remembrance while ascending or descending 48
206 97 Prayer of the traveller as dawn approaches 48
207 98 Stopping or lodging somewhere 48 and 49
208 99 While returning from travel 49
209 100 What to say upon receiving pleasing or displeasing news 49
210 to 212 101 Excellence of sending prayers upon the Prophet saw 49
213 to 215 102 Excellence of spreading the islamic greeting 49 and 50
216 103 Upon hearing a rooster crow or the braying of an ass 50
217 104 Upon hearing the barking of dogs at night 50
218 105 Said to one you have insulted 50
219 106 Etiquette of praising a fellow muslim 50
220 107 Said between the Yemeni corner and the black stone ( at the Ka3abah) 50
221 108 Said when at Mount Safa and Mount Marwa 50 and 51
222 109 The Day of 3Arafah 51
223 110 At the Sacred Site ( Al Mash3ar al Haraam) 51
224 111 When Throwing each pebble at the Jamaraat 51
225 112 At the black stone 51
226 113 Made against an enemy 51 and 52
227 114 When in fear of a people 52
228 and 229 115 In times of amazement and delight 52
230 116 What to do upon receiving pleasant news 52
231 117 What to say and do when feeling some pain in the body 52
232 118 When in fear of afflicting something or someone with one’s eye 52 and 53
233 119 Etiquette of retiring for the night 53
234 120 The Talbiyah 53
235 121 When Startled 53
236 122 Said to a kaafir who sneezes 53
237 123 Returning a greeting to a kaafir 53
238 124 When insulted while fasting 53
239 125 When slaughtering or offering a sacrifice 53
240 126 Said to ward off the deception of the obstinate shaytaan 53 and 54
241 to 246 127 Seeking forgiveness and repentance 54 and 55
247 to 260 128 Excellence of remembrance and glorification of Allaah 55 to 57
261 129 How the Prophet (saw) made tasbeeH 57

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Tired of primitive living? try Civilization

January 24, 2008

Civilization! – *Some Restrictions Apply3 Minute Video – Satire

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