a sane voice: some smilies

astaghfirullahbrother mashallahsister Salams Wsalams InshaAllah MashaAllah Astaghfirullah Alhamdulillah JazakAllah Ameen kaba Bismillah bism God in Arabic Subhana Wata Ala Azza Wajal Jalla Jalalahu SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah Allahu akbar peace be upon him RadiAllahu anhu RadiAllahu anhum Alaihis Salaam Assalaam Alaikum Walaikum Salaam feeamanah assalaam alaikum walaikum salaam MashaAllah Jazakamullah kullu khair astagh anhum anhu anha alhamdu alayhis [more]


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